25,132 professional audiences at home and abroad,target audience

The 2019 7th Shanghai International Private Health Management Expo and Cross-border Health Care Industry Expo have an exhibition area of 15000, with more than 150 domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions, more than 60 mainstream media, and 25,132 specially invited professional buyers, guests, representatives and audiences.It has attracted high-level guests and representatives from 23 countries in the medical and health industry, medical and health tourism industry, life science, future medical care and precision medical care.Including the international medical and health tourism organization, relevant government units in many countries and the national tourism administration, international hospital group, private specialist clinics, private health management institutions, precision medical institutions, medical beauty institutions, anti-aging medical institutions, medical and health tourism institutions, health management institutions, international medical equipment companies, multinational pharmaceutical companies, international airlines, international private banks, international medical insurance companies, health industrial park district government agencies, operators and other institutions, senior representatives actively participated in the meeting to carry out international exchanges and expand international business cooperation opportunities.

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The 8th Shanghai International Private Health Management and Medical Customized Service Exhibition 2021

April 23 to 25, 2021

Venue:Shanghai Exhibition Center