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PHMEXPO (Shanghai International Private Health Management Expo) is a high-end medical and health science and technology exhibition and exchange platform that attracts the attention of the industry. Since the exhibition began, it has covered a total exhibition area of over 100,000 square meters. The exhibition covers health management, cross-border medical services, accurate medical treatment, gene testing, stem cell storage and treatment, and future medical services and technologies. It invites high-level guests and representatives from medical and health industries and life sciences from more than 20 countries to participate in the exhibition, to carry out in-depth international exchanges and broaden business opportunities for international cooperation.At the same time, the exhibition will also hold “Cross-border Medical Industry Exhibition and Forum, Future Medical and Health Technology Exhibition, Precision Medicine and Cell Therapy Exhibition and Forum” to customize professional and one-stop private medical and health management services for you and your family from a global perspective.Through PHMEXPO, enterprises can demonstrate high-quality technologies and services to the world, and can exchange views with enterprises in the medical and health technology industry and application fields.

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The 8th Shanghai International Private Health Management and Medical Customized Service Exhibition 2021

April 23 to 25, 2021

Venue:Shanghai Exhibition Center