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PHMEXPO (Shanghai International Private Health Management Expo), as a comprehensive exhibition of medical and health industry with great scale and influence, helps enterprises to keep up with the trend of industry development policies, gain insight into industry market information, and establish links between the upper and lower reaches of the industry chain.

  • 25,000 professional visitors from 20 countries and regions in the field of medical and health applications;

  • 150 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions;

  • 170 participating brands, of which overseas brands account for 30%;

  • 20 visiting delegations, from well-known enterprises, associations and other industry organizations in the field of medical and health applications;

  • 100+ exhibitors conducted 40 procurement exchange and negotiation activities;

Health management
1, health management institutions 2, hospitals, clinics, physical examination centers, and rehabilitation and wellness centers 3, medical beauty, plastic stem cell storage and treatment, anti-aging 4, Chinese medicine treatment / health care, and Chinese medicine hospital 5, medical insurance, health education, health supervision and guidance, medicare guiding and accompanying medical consultations, etc.
Precision medicine
1,Accurate treatment 2,Gene testing 3,Cancer Screening 4,Cell therapy 5,In Vitro Diagnosis 6,Targeted drug 7,Biomedicine 8,Overseas precision medicine tourism service 9,Related services supported with precision medicine
Medical tourism
1, medical tourism companies, foreign medical institutions and comprehensive hospitals, foreign specialized hospitals, clinics 2, overseas plastic surgery hospital, maternity and service, confinement club, anti-aging, Chinese medicine health care 3, rehabilitation and wellness centers, travel agencies, airlines, hotels and high-end resorts, health clubs, etc.
Rehabilitation medicine
1,Rehabilitation Healthcare 2,Technical Equipment for Rehabilitation 3,Auxiliary Devices 4,Special Areas
Epuipment and instruments
1, all kinds of health examination equipment 2, health risk assessment system 3, integrated intelligent medical equipment 4, body composition analyzer 5, bone mineral density detector 6, portable medical instruments and other related equipment

VIP Guest Customer Service is a trade communication platform carefully set up by PHMEXPO (Shanghai International Private Health Management Expo) for senior industry officials or professionals with clear procurement requirements and procurement plans, to find high-quality customers, develop new business partners, and obtain more valuable sales and cooperation opportunities.

The Expo’s precise marketing matches resources. Through online and offline multi-channel integrated marketing such as official websites, electronic newsletters, official WeChat, media cooperation, new product and new technology conferences, on-site printed publications, etc., the fair continuously establishes business contacts for enterprises for 365 days and helps enterprises to expose their brands.

The professional forums held in the same period cover academic, industrial and application fields. The topics cover hot spots and trends in high-end medical care, cell therapy, precision medical care, cross-border medical care, tumor therapy, future medical care, artificial intelligence, health management, application of new technologies and other fields to help the enterprise layout in the future.

The 2019 7th Shanghai International Private Health Management Expo and Cross-border Health Care Industry Expo have an exhibition area of 15000㎡, with more than 150 domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions, more than 60 mainstream media, and 25,132 specially invited professional buyers, guests, representatives and audiences.It has attracted high-level guests and representatives from 23 countries in the medical and health industry, medical and health tourism industry, life science, future medical care and precision medical care.Including the international medical and health tourism organization, relevant government units in many countries and the national tourism administration, international hospital group, private specialist clinics, private health management institutions, precision medical institutions, medical beauty institutions, anti-aging medical institutions, medical and health tourism institutions, health management institutions, international medical equipment companies, multinational pharmaceutical companies, international airlines, international private banks, international medical insurance companies, health industrial park district government agencies, operators and other institutions, senior representatives actively participated in the meeting to carry out international exchanges and expand international business cooperation opportunities.

PHMEXPO (Shanghai International Private Health Management Expo) is a high-end medical and health science and technology exhibition and exchange platform that attracts the attention of the industry. Since the exhibition began, it has covered a total exhibition area of over 100,000 square meters. The exhibition covers health management, cross-border medical services, accurate medical treatment, gene testing, stem cell storage and treatment, and future medical services and technologies. It invites high-level guests and representatives from medical and health industries and life sciences from more than 20 countries to participate in the exhibition, to carry out in-depth international exchanges and broaden business opportunities for international cooperation.At the same time, the exhibition will also hold “Cross-border Medical Industry Exhibition and Forum, Future Medical and Health Technology Exhibition, Precision Medicine and Cell Therapy Exhibition and Forum” to customize professional and one-stop private medical and health management services for you and your family from a global perspective.Through PHMEXPO, enterprises can demonstrate high-quality technologies and services to the world, and can exchange views with enterprises in the medical and health technology industry and application fields.

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The 8th Shanghai International Private Health Management and Medical Customized Service Exhibition 2021

April 23 to 25, 2021

Venue:Shanghai Exhibition Center